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Thomas Patrick

Slow down, don't move too fast

Hello everyone! 

Today I wanted to cover something that I have seen a lot of. 

Every week, I get maybe five resumes for a position I am trying to fill. Three people aren't even remotely qualified. One looks great on paper, but they never call me back after I respond, then there is THE ONE.

Thomas Patrick

So, what have you been doing all this time?

Hello everyone! 

Today I wanted to cover something that can kill your job search, and your new job, if you aren't careful. 

Let's say, you graduate with a degree in your chosen field from an institution of higher learning, but, for one reason or another, it takes months, or maybe a year or more, to get an interview with a company in your field.

Thomas Patrick

Are Resumes and CV's relevant in the modern job search?

Hello Everyone! 

As you might imagine, I spend a lot of time perusing what is hot, new and happening as far as job search trends, and what the new school “thought leaders” are putting out there. 

One thing I keep seeing is how print resumes and CV's are going (or should go) the way of the dinosaur. The folks pushing this want everyone to rely on video presentations and/or social media presence and branding. 

I don't doubt that these things can and do work  but, in my view, social media and videos have some major drawbacks:

Thomas Patrick

It's always time to make things happen

One of the problems of conventional wisdom is that it's not always wise. In fact, it can put unnecessary obstacles in your way.

This time of year, the conventional wisdom is: 

1) Nobody does any hiring over the holidays…
2) …So it's pointless to job hunt…
3) Until after the first of the year, when things pick back up.

Thomas Patrick

Courage – the quality every job seeker needs

Hello Everyone! 

There is an old saying, that goes “He who hesitates is lost”. 

This is very true in life. If you spend too much time dithering, and calculating what might or might not happen, if you do or don't do something, chances are,the opportunity will be gone before you get off dead center.


I Will Not Hire You If.....

As a CEO at HappiLabs, I have to manage the growth of the company, which includes hiring. 

We are only a 5-person company, but we’re growing and, currently, I receive about one resume or inquiry per day. Each resume is guaranteed about 5 seconds of my time, as I do a quick glance to evaluate the organization and style. If you make it beyond that, and I have time, I’ll spend about 3 minutes reviewing the resume and scanning your name on Google. 

I’m sure I am not the only hiring manager at a small business who feels this way, but I will not hire you if….

Thomas Patrick

Is my resume any good?

This month, I wanted to tackle a subject I get asked about constantly, and that is the subject of resumes. 

Normally the question comes in two forms:
1) What's the best resume format?
2) Is my resume any good?

I make the distinction because while they concern the same subject, they are in fact different questions with very different answers. 

Let's start with question one, “what is the best resume format”?


Resume Writing Services

When I was nearing the end of my graduate degree, I visited the career center on campus.  

Yes, the career center, which many PhD students don’t use.  I heard that there was a particular individual at the career center who had experience improving the resumes of PhD students.

Thomas Patrick

What do I really need to know?

Hello Everyone! 

This month I wanted to address the barrage of articles out there that have to do with “the top trends for job seekers in 2016”, or “things every job seeker should know” and the like. 

While you may find some useful nuggets amongst the clutter, the articles all seem to say the same things:


Writing an Application that is Meant to be Read

My team is hiring a bunch of open positions right now, so I am finally getting a sense for what it's like on the other side of the table.