When Your Postdoc Is Not What You Expected

You may have had a successful PhD, with publications in high-impact journals, a great mentor, and peers you got along with. You interviewed for the ideal postdoc position. Your presentation went well. All the people you interacted with during the interview welcomed you. Your personality seemed to be...



A Strategic Postdoc to Help Propel Your Career

Are you unsure of whether to pursue a first or second postdoc? If so, be strategic in choosing your next training opportunity.The most important factor in choosing a postdoc is finding a PI who will support your career aspirations and training. Unfortunately, many scientists choose a postdoc bas...



When Your Advisor Is Not Advising-What Options Do You Have?

As life scientists, you likely know some bad advisors. What options are there if your advisor is just not helping you reach your goals? This post will discuss a few ways that your advisor may be damaging your career, and will offer suggestions that might help you or someone you know. But first,...



Career Advice for Interns and Early Career Researchers

To fulfill an assignment for school, high school students often enroll in internship programs. Undergrads seeking future career paths complete an internship or two. Graduate students enlist as interns to acquire skills and build their resume. In my case, an internship also ignited the curious and in...



The Importance of Scientists Taking Technology Commercialization Classes

As a graduate student or a postdoctoral research associate, we are so focused on getting the experiment done, or writing a publication-worthy research article, that we often forget that there is always a possibility that our experiments can be used as preliminary data to set-up a company. Yes, ...

Donna Kridelbaugh


Avoid creating a “mini-me”: Train now to become a good mentor

Mentors make a positive impact on youth’s lives, and research shows that “mentoring works.” A mentor can improve a student’s school attendance record, chance of going to college and attitude towards learning. 



Do What you Love, Love What You Do!

A few weeks ago, I went to a national conference for a new association which I am now a member of.  As usual, there was a “newbies” information session which introduces you to the association, their leadership, and hopefully other new individuals who are probably feeling as nervous as you a...



Hard Choices-Bedside or Bench

I am originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I completed medical training in Russia, and matriculated to the United States. Now a freelancer, I offer a full range of Regulatory Medical Writing, Project Management, and Career Training (both group and individual) Services. I also help individuals m...



The Leap from the Lion’s Head

In the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, our intrepid hero reluctantly does something completely senseless: he leaps off a cliff “from the lion’s head,” into a bottomless chasm to prove his faith and get to the Grail that he’s been hunting. (If you somehow missed the movie, the scene...


Shu Chin

Careers in Different Fields: A Personal Prospective: Part 1, Academia

I will admit it, when I was a wee grasshopper, I had a rather naïve view of my future life as a professional. I vacillated between an aspiring, and probably a very hungry artist, a neurosurgeon and going to Africa to feed hungry children. Needless to say, over the years, my career has bobbed a...