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The future may be more in the benefits (Discussion) than the features (Methods/Results)

PhD students, and a majority of PhDs in science, spend many hours at the bench doing research designed to obtain results that will either confirm or reject a hypothesis. They write, defend and revise a thesis. Along the way, and as soon and as often as possible afterward, they publish the resul...



The hub and spoke model – from aviation to pharma

Every idea has its place under the sun. Two industries, pharmaceuticals and aviation which are known to be ‘high risk – high gain’ business are strikingly employing similar practices in order to maximize productivity and profits.Everyone would agree that both aviation and pharmaceutical busine...

Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo


How to set yourself apart from the rest? The importance of your social skills and attitude in the job

For every job available out there, no matter the discipline, we can find hundreds of applicants equally qualified who can fill that position. 



Making a journal short list

At some point, you will have to choose journals to submit your articles to. Finding the right journal is important because if your article isn’t published in a timely fashion, say within a year of a congress presentation, no one will know about it, and a delay will make someone ask, “why di...



Try to get your weekends back: A tale of stem cells and their intensity

I read this very interesting article in Forbes, and saw many take always and good advice. So I decided to share it, combined with my own experience.



Are you diminishing yourself and your accomplishments by using these two words?

Are you diminishing yourself and your accomplishments by using these two words?Science as a discipline and career path is, by its nature, highly hierarchical. That is, chances are strong the organization you work with is structured vertically. There is a clear pecking order, a clear chain of command...


Robert Cory

Postdoc Job Advertising for Military Research Institutes

Ever wonder why you never hear about postdoc job opportunities at military research institutes?  One reason is that adequate job advertising is severely lacking or completely absent for most military research postdoc positions.  As a result, most prospective postdocs have no idea where to ...



The Bones Beneath the Skin

One of the best things about a science education is that it teaches you to see the bones beneath the skin. In some cases, literally (hello there, anatomy people!), but mostly in the sense that we learn to see the hidden processes that drive the physical world. Being a scientist means you’ll n...



When transitioning from academia to pharma, academic scientists need their C.R.E.A.M! - Energy

There is something very attractive about a listening to a person excited about what they are saying.  Many times, the conversation is more interesting and enjoyable because there is an energy that is associated with the person talking.  You want to leave this type of impression with pharma...


Robert Cory

Academia, Industry, or Government?

The major question almost all graduating PhDs face is whether to pursue a career in academia, industry, or government.  I’ll discuss pros and cons of each along with some common misconceptions.Many graduate students are under the false impression that most PhDs go into academia.  This is...