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How Constructive Is Your Criticism? (Simon, Paula or Ellen)*

(I am interrupting my "how did I get here" posts, to discuss something that happened at work this week.) We have all heard the term "constructive criticism" and most of us have been on the receiving end of it, thinking unprintable thoughts about the person offering their assessment. But if you ...



Where are the MD-trained Medical Writers? Part II

So what can the individual medical student do to improve his or her writing? What can teaching institutions do to encourage more sophisticated writing among their students?



The job search – resources for the search part 1

In my last entry, I talked about the reasons why I wanted to leave academia. I was tired of the low pay and time spent in the lab with little progress. I was upset and frustrated in my postdoc and I definitely didn’t want to become a full professor and carry the responsibility of writing grants an...



Is Toastmasters a good way to help with public speaking

Toastmasters is indeed a great way to improve your public speaking skills, and presentations skills are definitely an  important part of grad school and life beyond.  You’ll be in a room filled with other people who are there to improve their communication skills, with everyone acting bo...



Being Reliable

I often wonder why people flake out on doing things.  Why do they agree to do something and then not follow through?  Is it because they don’t want to offend during an in person encounter so they agree while fully intending to slip under the radar immediately afterwards? What does this t...

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Tips on Preparing for the Bio Careers® Virtual Summit

The Bio Careers® Virtual Summit scheduled on October 3rd and 4th provides graduate students, postdocs, and alumni an opportunity to learn about companies that are hiring and also gain insight from the presenters about job search tips and career strategy.  The summit provides an opportunity for...



Don’t Let The Blackberry You Own Own You

In the past year, I made conscious efforts to stay concentrated on one task at a time, since the chatter in my head started driving me insane. I was doing pretty well until I started a new position as a product manager at a rapidly growing company recently. Having to manage ten projects at different...



Questions to ask when looking for a postdoc

You finally see the light at the end of the graduate school tunnel. The frustrations and triumphs of your dissertation experiments have only whetted your appetite for more research training. Or, perhaps, you’ve sprinted toward the broad and diverse “alternate” career horizon, but haven’t lan...



Hello Bio Careers!

Hello, my name is Christine Crumbley. I’m a 5th year graduate student at Scripps in Jupiter, FL, trying to draw up a plan for my future. I started pursuing my PhD at LSU in Baton Rouge, but after my previous advisor did not earn tenure, I followed my new advisor, Dr. Burris, to Scripps Florida. De...



How to Improve our Emotional Intelligence

I have been in a knowledge management program recently. Emotional Intelligence is one of the topics in our discussion. I think Emotional Intelligence is critical in the success of our careers. As a postdoctoral fellow in a lab, except for working hard at the bench, we have to pay more attention to i...