Six Top Institutions Join Nation’s Leading Postgrad Bio Job Board

Six Top Institutions Join Nation’s Leading Postgrad Bio Job Board


Santa Cruz, Calif.—Six more prestigious science institutions have joined BioCareers, the nation’s leading online job board and careers site for life scienceprofessionals.

Cedars Sinai, City of Hope, Mount Sinai, U Maryland Baltimore, U Mass MedicalSchool, and Wadsworth Center are now members of the job board, joining othermajor life science training institutions.

The job board,, is only for postgraduates in the life sciences.While there are hundreds of life science career sites on the Internet, Bio Careersis the only one that serves life science post-graduates exclusively.

Bio Careers’ institution consortium also includes Brown, Caltech, Columbia,Emory, Georgetown, M.D. Anderson, Michigan State, New York University,National Institutes of Health (5 Institutes), Northwestern, Scripps Institute,Stanford, University of California, Los Angeles, University of California at SanFrancisco, University of Colorado Denver, University of Miami, Universityof North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania, and University ofWashington.

Bio Careers is constructed for P.h.D.s, M.D.s and other postgraduates who arelooking for efficient ways to manage their careers. From industry articles andassessment tools to relevant job postings and online job fairs, Bio Careers isa comprehensive career resource center, free to scientists affiliated with itsinstitutional members. Jobseekers have access to opportunities includingacademia, biopharmaceutical and government as well as vertical markets likeconsulting, public health and science policy.

Bio Careers addresses the needs of employers seeking top graduate level lifescientists. The site is open only to scientists with affiliations with the top 25% oftraining institutions. In fact, 75% of Bio Careers’ candidates are alumni. Otherjob boards include applicants from a host of fields and education levels, requiringemployers to sort through stacks of resumes that are not targeted to their needs.Bio Careers Virtual Job Summit and Confidential Resume Bank are designed tomeet the needs of employers seeking top passive candidates.

Bio Careers
Established in 2006, Bio Careers gives employers a time-saving, cost-effectiveway to recruit the nation’s leading life scientists. It is the only online careerservice that caters exclusively to Postgraduates and MDs, and it is the only such
service that directly assists training institutions.

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