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Bio Careers Blog | Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Bio Careers Blog

Welcome to the Bio Careers Blog. Opinions expressed on this blog are those of the bloggers, and not necessarily those of Bio Careers. Any registered member of our community is free to post comments on the blog. Postings and comments must conform with the  RULES.
Lamar Blackwell

03.02.2016 |    3,212 |   reply |
No votes yet

Congratulations!  Most people never think about how their career pursuit aligns with their values.   They will not prepare a plan and break it down into actionable, manageable steps.  You already have a competitive edge and are in the top 10% of pursuing a career. Few people will prepare a plan, act on that plan, and it will come to about exactly as designed. One of the things I have learned in my process of chasing my career dreams is that the actual career path I have taken is a different route than I planned.  If you talk to a number of...

Hamilton Lenox

03.01.2016 |    2,890 |   reply |
No votes yet

My name is Hamilton Lenox, and welcome to my first blog on Bio Careers.   When I was first approached and asked to contribute to the site, I readily agreed, in the hopes that I could potentially offer some insights that will help others who are just starting their careers, or...

Charlene Milliken

02.29.2016 |    3,079 |   reply |
No votes yet

I knew before I graduated with my Ph.D. that I would not be pursuing a career in academia.   When I received an AAAS fellowship and was placed in the Science & Technology Directorate at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), I was thrilled…mainly because I got the AAAS fellowship, but...

Charlene Milliken

02.26.2016 |    2,849 |   reply |
No votes yet

A career in the federal government can be rewarding and interesting.  However, if you’re considering a career in the federal government, here are a few tips to keep in mind.   They’re broad generalizations, but you’ll most likely run into at least one of them.  Knowing these things in advance can...

Sandlin Seguin

02.24.2016 |    4,494 |   reply |
No votes yet

As I mentioned before, my team has been looking to hire a couple technical writers.  While the requirements for any specific role may vary, I find that it is a role that scientists can transition into fairly easily, because so much of what we do hinges on our ability to communicate...

Tom Ruginis

02.22.2016 |    3,293 |   reply |
No votes yet

It was summer of 2005, the beginning of a PhD program at the University of IL-Chicago.  I was grateful for my Student Mentor, Aaron Place, as he taught me the ropes. I was comfortable. Then classes started and I couldn’t stay awake. A dark auditorium and 8am classes?! Doubts began. Will...

Melanie Smith

02.19.2016 |    3,098 |   reply |
No votes yet

As a Recruiter reviews a resume, there are certain things that we typically look for and want to see in a resume, and certain things we just don’t want to see.  I think when we first start reading a resume or cv, one of the first things to catch our eye...

Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo

02.17.2016 |    3,211 |   reply |
No votes yet

For most of us, finding a job after we graduate is our main goal.  We want a salary that is nothing close to what we were making during graduate school, to be financially and professionally stable, and to work for 30+ years until we are ready to retire. We want a...

Sandlin Seguin

02.15.2016 |    3,732 |   reply |
No votes yet

My team is hiring a bunch of open positions right now, so I am finally getting a sense for what it's like on the other side of the table.  We are fortunate to work with a great recruiting team, so we only look at candidates that are reasonably strong. While I...

Judy Lytle

02.12.2016 |    3,111 |   reply |
No votes yet

In the third and final interview for my current position, my soon-to-be-boss (who happens to be the CEO and President of the Institute) asked me what my aspirations were.  I told him that I didn’t have any. You read it right. I told my potential boss that I didn’t have professional...

Thomas Patrick Chuna

02.10.2016 |    4,045 |   reply |
No votes yet

Hello Everyone!  This month I wanted to address the barrage of articles out there that have to do with “the top trends for job seekers in 2016”, or “things every job seeker should know” and the like.  While you may find some useful nuggets amongst the clutter, the articles all seem to...

Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo

02.08.2016 |    3,402 |   reply |
No votes yet

If I ask you what is the single most important thing you can do to find a job or advance your career, what would be your answer?  Some people might say get a college degree, others could say stay current within your field or maybe get trained in something that can...

Michael Salgaller

02.05.2016 |    3,334 |   reply |
No votes yet

Looking for a position – even voluntarily – is stressful.  If the job-hunt is discretionary, if you can stay where you are long-term and perhaps are simply bored, it’s comparatively less stressful. But even then, there’s something unsatisfying about where you are that’s making you look elsewhere.  It’s just like a relationship...

Robert Cory Bernhards

02.03.2016 |    2,756 |   reply |
No votes yet

Research presentations are a vital part of science.   Your preparation process for an oral presentation will depend on how experienced you are and how well you understand your research, however, here is a tried and true method that can work for you at any level. Begin your preparation process as early...

Andrea Habura

02.01.2016 |    3,267 |   reply |
No votes yet

If you’re trying to make your products better, it’s nice when your customers almost have to fill out a user feedback form. “Publish or perish” is nothing but upside if you want to figure out what scientists are doing in the lab. One of the things we do here at my...

Lamar Blackwell

01.29.2016 |    3,893 |   reply |
No votes yet

After we have made an honest assessment of what our values are and how our choices aligns with our values, we can think about how we should go about this change.   It is important that this is personalized because this is your path.  Then we can take inventory of where...

Clement Weinberger

01.27.2016 |    3,132 |   reply |
No votes yet

How many times has someone asked you “what do you do all day?” or “what’s your day like?” or “tell me about your day?”.  Most PhD students, postdocs, and academic faculty spend hours at the bench doing research, recording, and analyzing results that will either confirm or reject a hypothesis. Additional...

Shu Chin Ma

01.25.2016 |    3,274 |   reply |
No votes yet

As follow up to my previous post about work flow at the Division of Bioequivalence, Office of Generic Drugs (OGD) at the FDA, you might ask, what does it really feel like to work at the OGD?  When you first join the office, you are assigned a team leader, who will...

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