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Judy Lytle

01.04.2016 |    3,695 |   reply |
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Once I was conferred my doctorate, you could have clocked my departure from academia with a stopwatch.  That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with academia; it’s just not my cup of joe. In considering the “why” of the career decisions I’ve made, I’ve come to the conclusion that culture and pay were my two biggest decision-making factors. So I’d like to touch on some of my experiences in the government, for-profit, non-profit sectors. Government While I’ve never been a government civil servant, I worked in a government agency for almost seven years, 40 hours a week, as a contractor.  That means that...

Thomas Magaldi

12.10.2014 |    10,769 |   reply |
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Two weeks after I finished graduate school, my father-in-law introduced me to a friend by saying “I want you to meet my son-in-law. He just became a doctor.”  While I forced a grin and politely accepted the ensuing congratulations, I instead wanted to clarify that I just received a PhD, and...
Tags: is my phd worth it

Christiana Davis

11.12.2014 |    9,955 |   reply |
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There are many nonprofit organizations in your community who continuously seek funds to stay afloat.  As a life scientist, you have acquired most of the skills needed to successfully write a grant for a nonprofit. These include, researching, writing, editing and proofreading skills. But, where do you start? In the next...

Thomas Magaldi

09.03.2014 |    10,863 |   reply |
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Are you starting to think about your career path? Does the prospect of applying for jobs scare you?  If so, please follow the instructions listed below before you read the rest of this blog post.  1. Stand up. 2. Place your right hand over your heart. 3. Recite the following sentence: “I will find...
Tags: how to stay positive, positivity

Thomas Magaldi

08.13.2014 |    15,180 |   reply |
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Are you unsure of whether to pursue a first or second postdoc? If so, be strategic in choosing your next training opportunity.  The most important factor in choosing a postdoc is finding a PI who will support your career aspirations and training. Unfortunately, many scientists choose a postdoc based solely on...
Tags: advice for postdoctoral studies, should I proceed to postdoc

Thomas Magaldi

06.17.2014 |    13,800 |   reply |
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I am honored to have the privilege of contributing to the Bio Careers blog.  In my first post on Bio Careers, I want to start by introducing myself, and my career path. I received a PhD in genetics from Yale University in 2012, where I studied viral oncogenes and infectious...
Tags: career in non-profit science, scientist in non-profit

Kate Sleeth

09.07.2012 |    31,113 |   1 reply |
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We all know that you can’t do much without money.  As the saying goes, “money makes the world go round.”  Many of you will never have worked for, or been associated with, a non-profit organisation so you have probably never considered the amount of work necessary to keep them financially...
Tags: donation, non profit, NPA, postdoc

Kate Sleeth

03.02.2012 |    15,984 |   3 reply |
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How many of us have heard that getting grants is much harder now than it was in the “good old days?”  Well, I have only been researching full time since I began my postgraduate research, which was 11 years ago, and I don’t think I see a change.  Maybe I...
Tags: funding, Government, grants, non-profit

Mike Chang

12.14.2010 |    9,839 |   1 reply |
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In my past blogs, I had lamented on the lack of career planning as I was going through my education. At this stage in life, I recognized the deficiency and immediately proceeded to over-compensate on the solution.  I made a significant decision during my apprenticeship at UC Irvine. I had decided that I wanted...
Tags: Career Planning, Graduate school

Mike Chang

11.25.2010 |    12,528 |   reply |
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Hi, my name is Mike, and I consider myself first and foremost a scientist. I am currently a Senior Systems Analyst at a non-profit institution. Quite a departure from the bench, eh? I was invited to share my career experiences, which haven’t been terribly typical. I hope that sharing my...
Tags: Choosing career path, non-profit

Lisan Parker

11.24.2010 |    27,780 |   3 reply |
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Hello, my name is Lisan.  Biocareers has asked me to share my experiences and career path with you.  My sincere hope is that you will find the lessons that I and others have learned to be helpful as you journey and make your own career decisions.  Thank you Biocareers for...
Tags: Choosing career path, non-profit, public health

Mike Chang

10.25.2010 |    10,583 |   reply |
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Hello again! Last time, I left myself in the middle of the forest with a biochem degree and a year of forestry expertise. At that time, I was able to look at and smell a piece of wood and from the grain, texture and scent determine the species of tree from which the wood...
Tags: academic research, Changing careers, job opportunity

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