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Maida Taylor

09.17.2015 |    4,639 |   reply |
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The pharmaceutical supply and distribution chain is increasing vulnerable to business and criminal abuses. On the micro level, there is a need to police abuse of prescription drugs through prescribing “pill mills.” On a macro level, counterfeit drugs jeopardize our ability to provide treatment to critical ill persons. On Jul 12, 2012, the FDA issued letters to 19 practices in the US about the possibility that they had distributed counterfeit Avastin, a cancer drug, compromising the efficacy of chemotherapy. According to the FDA: “Avastin is an injectable medicine used to treat cancer and is administered to patients in clinics, hospitals, and...
Tags: counterfeit, crime, drugs, FDA, illegal, job

Naresh Sunkara

01.19.2015 |    6,205 |   reply |
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As a continuation to my previous blog on transition from scientist to entrepreneur, I will be going over an important question that every scientist should start thinking about from day one of his or her grad school/postdoc tenure: “Can I productize my research?” or “To which existing product can my...
Tags: productizing my research, tech transfer tips

Smita Mukherjee

07.28.2014 |    6,938 |   reply |
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As a graduate student or a postdoctoral research associate, we are so focused on getting the experiment done, or writing a publication-worthy research article, that we often forget that there is always a possibility that our experiments can be used as preliminary data to set-up a company.  Yes, the research that...
Tags: patent transfer in university, tech transfer

Maida Taylor

12.27.2012 |    22,751 |   1 reply |
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Why am I so interested in prescription drug crimes? Well, a long, long time ago in a city far away across the San Francisco Bay, I worked as an undercover narcotics operative. For almost 2 years, I bought prescription drugs from unscrupulous, unprincipled pharmacies and health care practitioners. The Bureau...
Tags: abuse, crime, doctor, drugs, job, meds

Maida Taylor

12.25.2012 |    12,395 |   2 reply |
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I want to do a small series on crime and punishment. I have mentioned before that I have a degree in Russian literature. I venture to say that most life science students have not thought about jobs working at the interface between the life sciences and the law. But there are...
Tags: abuse, crime, doctor, drugs, job, meds

Kate Sleeth

06.15.2011 |    17,988 |   reply |
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At the Women in Science and Technology conference, the final workshop I attended was given by Linda Baracs, a professor of law, ethics and negotiation at the University of San Diego.  Her workshop was entitled, He Said, She Said: The Art of Negotiation.  Linda gave an exceptional workshop, which many...
Tags: advice, self-improvement, Skill Building

Ping Xiao

06.03.2011 |    25,278 |   1 reply |
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What is technology transfer? Everybody has a different definition. Usually, people think it comes from the meaning of the word, “transfer,” and yes, who doesn’t understand the word “transfer?” Transfer school, transfer money from one account to another…etc, but technology transfer has a different meaning and definition. Technology transfer is...
Tags: Government, Science writing, technology

Ken Zeidner

10.20.2010 |    15,571 |   1 reply |
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Hi All, As promised, today is my first entry explaining how I got into patent law following a career in science.  I became interested in biology while in high school, so I majored in biological sciences while at Rutgers.  However, I enjoyed freedom a little too much, and ended up failing...
Tags: Research, Second Chances

Ken Zeidner

10.14.2010 |    14,225 |   reply |
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Hi All, As I indicated in my previous entry, the good folks at Bio Careers have asked me to blog about my experiences regarding my transition from scientist to patent law attorney.  Before getting into that, I thought I would dedicate this entry to a brief review of Bilski.  As you...
Tags: Biopharma, Changing careers, Patent law

Ken Zeidner

10.06.2010 |    37,819 |   reply |
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Hi All, I never thought I'd get into the blogging game, but when the good folks at Bio Careers asked me to do one, I couldn't say no.  In my blog, I will provide some of my experiences regarding my transition from scientist to patent law attorney.  By way of introduction, I...
Tags: Biopharma, Changing careers, Patent law

Jenne Relucio

10.01.2010 |    12,807 |   reply |
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Welcome, readers! I am Jenne Relucio, a pre-doctorate scientist at Stony Brook University in New York. As a guest blogger on Bio Careers, I will be writing about making the leap from the research bench to non-traditional careers in the life sciences. In my future entries (which I am planning...
Tags: career options, Changing careers, law

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